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These are some of the common problems that lead to the need for electric gate motor repair.

  • Gate does not open at all
  • Gate opens partly
  • One of my remotes is not opening the gate anymore
  • My gate motor makes a funny noise
  • My gate motor stopped working!
  • Someone drove into my gate!
Even if your problem is not on this list, we can assist you!

Give Us a call so that we can do an on-site assessment of you automatic gate repairs and give you a quote.

Great service + your safety and convenience is most important to us!

We understand how important it is for you to have your automatic gate working properly. Not only is it the convenience of giving you easy and quick access to your home, but, more crucial, is that automated gates add to your safety and security. We do most repairs on-site so that the process is more efficient. Give us a call, or email us to get your gate repair booked today! Tired of waiting for most companies to get back to you? Mutlom Automation Company pays a great deal of attention to you, our most valued client. We carefully manage each client and their needs, and make sure we communicate and follow up regularly. Not having working automatic gate means you don’t have ease and safety when accessing your property. Mutlom Automation Company knows how valuable your time is, and how important it is to get your gate functioning properly. We make your gate motor repair our priority. We work with all types of gate motors when doing electric gate opener repairs and installations.

Automated Gate Repairs

Your repairs may involve working on the gate motor itself or simply replacing the battery or the gate motor PC board. There could be a problem with the gate wheels or alignment. The gate repair may also involve welding. You may be having problems with the infrared beams which can be replaced. If needs be, you may need to replace the entire motor. We use only the best gate motors and install and repair according to gate manufacturer’s specifications. We can also provide you with additional remotes for added convenience. 

Gate Motor Repair or New Gate Motor Installation?

  • This is one of the most important question to ask any repairs company!
  • It depends on how old the gate motor is and,
  • It depends on what is broken
If it is a very old installation, you will generally get far better value for your money to replace. However, if you are on a tight budget, we will try and meet your budget constraints and advise you the best options for your electric gate repair. Learn more about new gate motor installations.

Gate Motor Maintenance

Both the gate and the motor need to be maintained. When it comes to the gate, you must keep the gate rails and the wheels clean. Always remove any debris from that area. For examples, soil, leaves, stones, sand etc. You may find that you need to build a retaining wall or add special drainage so that soil is not washed to the gate area and also so that water does not collect around the motor. You need to make sure that the wheels are running smoothly all of the time otherwise the gate motor has to work harder and will not last as long. The main maintenance required for your gate motor is to make sure that no animals or insects get inside. No gate motor is completely sealed, so it is easy for them to get in and damage the electronics. In order to protect your motor you need to treat it with insect and, especially, ant repellents. Do not grease any part of the gate motor as dirt will stick to it and it will cause problems with the mechanics. Maintaining your gate and gate motor can increase the life of your gate motor and delay the need for a new gate motor installation.

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Gate and Gate Motor Parts

We supply all gate automation equipment, electric gate parts and accessories. These include:
  • Gate wheels for sliding gate. There can be different wheels required depending on the track.
  • Anti-theft bracket. These are important in auto gate installations as this protects the gate motor from being stolen.
  • V-track for sliding gates. This must be installed correctly and must be maintained together with the wheels for smooth and long-lasting operation of your electric sliding gate.
  • Safety beams – infra-red safety beams. These must be included in any good automatic gate system. They prevent the car from closing on a gate or a person.
  • Electric gate locks and magnetic gate locks. These are used mainly on single swing gates for added security, however, they can also be used on double swing and sliding gates if desired.
  • Security Access keypads can be wired to your gate to control entering the premises.
Give us a call, or email us to get your gate repair booked today!

Gate Motor Problems

Issues often arise with gate motors when the incorrect gate motor has been installed. It then needs to work harder than it is designed for. Other common are problems insects, ants etc. as mentioned above, that damage the electronics. Gate motors can also be damaged by lightning. When the gate motor is older,  circuit boards often also need replacing. Batteries also regularly need replacing. Remember that a good quality gate motor should last 10 – 15 years.